LNXI : the end of the road

I have been shocked to read Linux Networx died this week.

Sun Microsystems vs. NetApp

Sun Microsystems and NetApp are now suing each other about patent infrigments within their filesystems

Bull acquires Serviware

When publishing its Q3/2007 revenues, Bull officially announced it acquired ServiWare.

SCO files for bankrupcy

SCO files for bankrupcy ( chapter 11 )

Sun Microsystems buys Cluster File Systems

Yesterday, Sun Microsystems announced they bought Cluster File Systems

Why turn a dictator into a victim ?

I read this morning that Saddam Hussein was executed earlier today.


On october 17th, Jonathan Schwartz introduced on his blog project Blackbox.
At first sight, this is one of the crazyest ideas i have ever seen, at second sight ...

Torque 1.2.0p0 has been released !

Another (almost) new (free) batch manager !

coLinux 0.6.2 has been released !

coLinux is a great piece of software, which allows you to run Linux inside a window under WindowsXP.

I have been very impressed by this technology : it works (!), I did not notice any kind of overhead ( though I did not make any measurements),
and best of all, it's free !!!

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