On october 17th, Jonathan Schwartz introduced on his blog project Blackbox.
At first sight, this is one of the crazyest ideas i have ever seen, at second sight ...
this could make perfect sense for several folks out there !
Now it is easy to buy a bunch of servers ( assuming you have the $$$ Eye ), there are some good people out there
to make them work efficiently together, the next challenge will be the environmental one !
It is now not uncommon to find people ready to buy a bunch of TeraFlops, but they will not be able to turn their cluster
on because of the too high power consumption, or because they will be unable to cool it.
Based on this simple observation, and on the fact that now people look at the full picture ( cost of ownership and so on ), it seems
Sun is getting it just right !
I am impatient to get the full spec ( technical, financial, and environmental ) and see what can be done with it ...
if not, at least i will have had some good fun Smiling

Good temporary solution

I actually see this as a good solution for emergencies (Hurricane Katrina in the US) or a good temporary solution when maybe you need more compute power. It's definitely an interesting idea.