Why turn a dictator into a victim ?

I read this morning that Saddam Hussein was executed earlier today.
Just like most European people, i am strongly against the death penalty, and consequently,
i strongly disapprove what happened this morning. The video which is available everywhere on
the web shows an old man, going to be hanged with dignity.
Is this the last image the world should remember of him ?
I do not think so !

Was hanging a dictator at the beginning of the muslim most hooly day a good thing ?
Should Iraqi justice "prevent" Saddam from being judged for what he did to the Kurds ?
Should the world keep ignoring the help Saddam did receive from western countries
( including mine ) ?

No, no and no.
The civilized world should not use barbary against barbary.

Saddam was a brutal dictator, who killed many people, who did not hesitate to murder his
own people. Most of his life, he was a criminal, not a victim.

So why make him ultimately a victim of death penalty ?

Not a victim - a recipient of Justice.

I have to say that I'm glad he was executed. I am a proponent of the death penalty as a means of justice for particular horrific crimes. I can understand how one who opposes the death penalty would see him as a victim, but to many who do believe in capital punishment, it is satisfaction that he got what he deserves.
Some argue that this means he can't be tried for other, even worse, crimes, but in my mind that doesn't matter. The courts have already proved he is worthy of the death penalty there in Iraq and even if he were on trial for other crimes, it's extremely unlikely he would provide any useful info, seeing as how he was so beligerant in the previous trials. Extending his life would not benefit the world in any way in my mind.


Legal murder is still a crime

Hi Cameron,

Death penalty is something i am strongly against, and you are free to approve.
We do not and probably will never agree on that matter, so there is no point arguing.

Saddam will not be missed, and at least, we both agree on that last point.



I didn't mean for my comment to sound acusatory or authoritative. I think I understand why some are against the death penalty and that's ok. As you say, we'll agree to disagree Smiling