coLinux 0.6.2 has been released !

coLinux is a great piece of software, which allows you to run Linux inside a window under WindowsXP.

I have been very impressed by this technology : it works (!), I did not notice any kind of overhead ( though I did not make any measurements),
and best of all, it's free !!!

This new version ( released on February 5th 2005 ) can now run kernel 2.6 series ( 2.6.10 today )
Thanks to coLinux, I can run my various Linux programs in a small window while using others Windows apps.
This turns to be very effective when working on a PowerPoint presentation while doing other Linux things in the background ( development, sysadmin, benchs ... ).

I wish I can find the time to write a more detailled article on my configuration. Ultimately, I wish I can share *more or less* the same environment
when running Linux natively or via coLinux.

Kudos to all the coLinux team !