The Top 500 list of the most powerful supercomputers has been disclosed during Supercomputing '12

common sense

Once upon a time, i was 18 and i was a student.
My physics teacher taught us a good lesson : we have a brain and we need to use it so other people will not be tempted to think we are incredibly stupid.

Rackable agrees to acquire SGI

I heard on insideHPC that Rackable Systems has agreed to acquire SGI.

LNXI : the end of the road

I have been shocked to read Linux Networx died this week.

Bull acquires Serviware

When publishing its Q3/2007 revenues, Bull officially announced it acquired ServiWare.

Sun Microsystems buys Cluster File Systems

Yesterday, Sun Microsystems announced they bought Cluster File Systems

HPC news

I was used to getting news from the HPC world from the front page of a well known web site.
Unfortunatly, there is no RSS feed, which would have been very convenient.
Anyway, I found the front page pretty well structured and easy to parse, so I wrote a quick and dirty
php script that parses the front page and generate a feed from the Today's Breaking News section.
So far I am pretty happy with the result Smiling
The feed used to be accessible at http://gillesgouaillardet.com/hpc.feed.php


The last top500 list was published during ISC 2006 held this year in Dresden, Germany.

Torque 1.2.0p0 has been released !

Another (almost) new (free) batch manager !

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