Torque 1.2.0p0 has been released !

Another (almost) new (free) batch manager !

You might remember NQS which is kind of old now ... several vendors developped their own extensions and NQS became almost impossible to maintain. Folks at Nasa decided to rewrite it from scratched and they developped OpenPBS. A commercially supported version was born from OpenPBS : PBSPro which was bought by Veridian, which was then acquired by Altair.
Well, Torque is based on the free OpenPBS which had been quite unmaintained for a while. A lot of sysadmins where very happy with OpenPBS, and for several reasons could not move to the commercial PBSPro. I am pretty sure they will be just like me very excited to try Torque.

Here is another item on my todo list : write a comparison between famous batch managers :