The Top 500 list of the most powerful supercomputers has been disclosed during Supercomputing '12

common sense

Once upon a time, i was 18 and i was a student.
My physics teacher taught us a good lesson : we have a brain and we need to use it so other people will not be tempted to think we are incredibly stupid.

Orange Business Everywhere on Fujitsu LifeBook S760

I just got my brand new laptop : a Fujitsu LifeBook S760, with built-in 3G and running seven 64 bits.
I was impatient to try 3G, but unfortunatly, Orange Business Everywhere does not support this platform Sad
Fortunatly, i was able to play by using an opensource and free IPSec client Laughing out loud
here are the details :

Rackable agrees to acquire SGI

I heard on insideHPC that Rackable Systems has agreed to acquire SGI.

LNXI : the end of the road

I have been shocked to read Linux Networx died this week.

Sun Microsystems vs. NetApp

Sun Microsystems and NetApp are now suing each other about patent infrigments within their filesystems

Bull acquires Serviware

When publishing its Q3/2007 revenues, Bull officially announced it acquired ServiWare.

SCO files for bankrupcy

SCO files for bankrupcy ( chapter 11 )

Sun Microsystems buys Cluster File Systems

Yesterday, Sun Microsystems announced they bought Cluster File Systems

iPod touch

Yesterday, Apple released iPod touch

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