Rackable agrees to acquire SGI

I heard on insideHPC that Rackable Systems has agreed to acquire SGI.

This is a very sad ending for SGI, an extraordinary company, who succesfully developed several amazing systems for High Performance Computing such as Origin 2000, large Altix SMP systems with Itanium processors. More recently, I was quite impressed with their Altix ICE platform : a major (r)evolution in clusters; not JBOPB ( Just a Bunch Of Pizza Boxes ) but a real, integrated, comprehensive cluster. Not to mention their ultraviolet system which should be announced shortly.
I really hope the best to their employees, i had some opportunities to work with them, and believe me, they rock !
I also hope the best to their customers, and hope they will not end up like LNXI ones ...
And yes, this is April 1st
And no, this is not a joke, just an unfortunate bad timing