Windows Vista and Wanadoo Livebox

My girlfriend bought a brand new Toshiba laptop running Windows Vista, and connecting it to my wireless network was not straightforward ...

linked list patented

I was amazed to read this post on slashdot earlier today !

the fifth day

(Too) long after the US, the fifth season of 24 finally ended in France !

Fedora Live CD

The Fedora project has recently announced the availability of a Fedora Live CD.
I have always liked the concept of LiveCD, so I decided to contribute Smiling

HPC news

I was used to getting news from the HPC world from the front page of a well known web site.
Unfortunatly, there is no RSS feed, which would have been very convenient.
Anyway, I found the front page pretty well structured and easy to parse, so I wrote a quick and dirty
php script that parses the front page and generate a feed from the Today's Breaking News section.
So far I am pretty happy with the result Smiling
The feed used to be accessible at


Google maps is really a great tool !
I travelled quite a bit during the last past years ... and i was curious to put on a map all the airports i have been to

And here it is :

Javascript is required to view this map.

Why turn a dictator into a victim ?

I read this morning that Saddam Hussein was executed earlier today.


On october 17th, Jonathan Schwartz introduced on his blog project Blackbox.
At first sight, this is one of the crazyest ideas i have ever seen, at second sight ...

From Space with love

What would I do if I was *that* rich and more ?


The last top500 list was published during ISC 2006 held this year in Dresden, Germany.

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