the fifth day

(Too) long after the US, the fifth season of 24 finally ended in France !
As usual, this was a great, exciting and thrilling one. As far as i am concerned, the
previous one was the best. This one was of course very good, but there are too many things
in the scenario that was incoherent.
The first three seasons were self sufficient, and just like the previous one, the fifht season
is an "introduction" to the sixth season ( now on Fox, in the US )
I believe i will not wait for it to be on TV, but just buy the DVDs in the US as soon as
they are released ...
I will also try not to read the full story which is periodically updated on wikipedia, and this is gonna be hard for sure Eye

Season 5 was great

I think my favorite season was #2, but 5 was pretty good. I watch season 6 every week and have seen most of the episodes several times. There are some things I don't like about it as much, but other things that I do and I think it's getting better.