in less than one hour !

After having decided to create my blog, I thought it would be nice to have my own domain name.
I checked some offers on the web and I found amen has a good one.
For only 1 euro a month ( plus vat ... ) I got the domain name, and 2 mbytes to host my static pages.

Today, it only loads the real frame from where the site is actually hosted.
The price is really good, but the real impressive thing is I could do that on Sunday evening around 7pm.
Less than one hour later, everything was up and running ( domain name registration, DNS entries, static pages ... ).
So far, this is only what they claim ... and I am really glad they did it !
Unfortunatly the web interface is only in French Sad but if you can understand, I can only recommend you consider using them in order to register your domain name.